Miami's old Hormel plant, which later housed Red's Auto Salvage before being vacated several years ago, was destroyed by fire Sunday.

Miami Fire Department Captain Kyle Highsmith said the fire department received a call at 1:35 p.m. Sunday about a possible fire in the 600 block of H Street SE.

Upon arriving, the firefighters found the large two-story vacant building at 1000 H Street SE was fully engulfed. Since it was a building fire and not a grass fire as had been reported, Highsmith said they had to call for the ladder truck and an engine.

Upon arrival of the ladder truck, he said, they connected to a fire plug and began spraying water on the building, which had already started collapsing in on itself.

Highsmith said because of the small water lines in that area they were only able to pull 500 gallons per minute of water with the ladder truck instead of its full capacity of 1,500 gpm. They also had to shut down their hand lines.

"We had plenty of water for this fire, but if we had been aggressively fighting a fire there we would have had a problem," he said.

Before, the firefighters got the fire under control sparks were flying into the grass around the area. Highsmith said they used their grass rig to extinguish the grass fires. They got an assist from the Quapaw Fire Department.

The firemen worked on the fire until 4:13 p.m. Sunday.

Highsmith said the fire was one of suspicious nature. It is an abandoned building with no electrical power to it, he said.

It is owned by Brent Nelson of Independence, Kan.

Highsmith said Monday that the fire is still smoldering inside the building, but is no danger to the area.