A 19-year-old Wyandotte man and an alleged 18-year-old accomplice from Tulsa, pleaded no contest to second-degree arson Tuesday.

Justin Lee Kissire and Steven Kyle VanBenthusen were sentenced to five years probation, 90 days in county jail and ordered to pay fines, costs and restitution.

Neighbors testified that on June 14, the young males were “terrorizing” the neighborhood throughout the day as they were smashing mailboxes, throwing rocks through windows of unoccupied homes and making threats.

Later that day, firefighters responded to a house fire at the intersection of Oklahoma Highway 10 and East 176 Road.

Wyandotte Fire Chief Jodi Francisco determined that the house had been set on fire. He told authorities that several items from the house had been moved to the southeast corner of the trailer house at which point the fire was set.

A neighbor reportedly saw the accused enter the unoccupied trailer house prior to the fire starting and also heard the subjects say that, if they were questioned, they would tell authorities they were all at their grandmother's house when the trailer caught on fire.

After taking Kissire and VanBenthusen into custody, Judd captured a conversation between the two on his patrol recorder in which the boys threatened to kill anyone who said they were involved.

The boys also allegedly stated that they would blame the fire on the juvenile subject.