Nearly 30 children learned about how sculpture surrounds them while they tried their hands at the art during this week's Art for Fun program.

Art for Fun, a summer art class for children who will be in the fourth, fifth or sixth grades in August, has been held annually for more than 10 years.

Held at the First Presbyterian Church, it was financed by the Miami Arts and Humanities Council.

“We introduced them to sculpture all around them,” said teacher Sally Rollins.

In addition to the most obvious sculpture in Miami, such as the statue of the little boy in front of the library and the one of a child and man by the First National Bank drive-thru, the children were introduced to Odin at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, pieces at the First United Methodist Church and the works decorating the outside of the Coleman Theatre.

Pictures of the works were on display where the children were working.

Art for Fun is designed in a three-year series. In addition to sculpture, the children have learned about painters and art from different cultures around the world as they return from year to year.

“That way they don't get the same subject every year,” Rollins said.

She said she thought sculpture might be the hardest area to do.

“Getting the senses of perspective and proportion are difficult,” she said. “But, the children really seem to have fun doing it.”