Exercise has been disguised as fun at Will Rogers Middle School in Miami.

Students stay afterschool for the “Fitness Club” which mostly entailed walking or running in the gym or lifting weights.

Since they have added Hula Hoops to the exercise equipment, a whole new group of students is participating.

The hoops are not like the classic, light pieces of plastic.

“A teacher saw them at the Tulsa State Fair and introduced us to them,” said Patti Reed, a teacher.

She, along with fellow teacher Julie Kimbrough, supervise the “Fitness Club.”

The hoops are weighted and padded.

“The students don't realize the workout they're getting when they use the hoops,” Reed said.

She called it a fun way for the students to get their exercise and compared it to using videos for classwork.

The students must be enjoying working with the hoops. Almost 75 new students are participating in the “Fitness Club” just using the hoops, according to Reed.

“These are students we just couldn't reach before,” she said.

Students are only allowed to use the hoops for 10 minutes at a time in the beginning. The amount of time using them is then increased on a weekly basis.

The students are credited with the equivalent of a half-mile wal for every 10 minutes they use the hoops.

Those students who accumulate 25 miles in any manner participate in a field day at the end of the semester as an incentive.

Reed and Kimbrough are grateful to the Ottawa Tribe for providing $1,500 to purchase 30 of the hoops.

Teacher Laura Edington wrote a grant in the form of a letter to the area tribes, asking for financial assistance with the purchase.

“We got an immediate response from the Ottawa Tribe and found out that they had already purchased some of the hoops for the tribe,” Reed said.