A 2006 Chevrolet Suburban, driven by Milton Coleman traveling north, was struck by a BNSF train engine on North Elm Street, around 2:11 p.m. on Tuesday according to the Miami Police Department after it failed to stop at the signal there. The Suburban was struck on the rear passenger side of the vehicle by the train traveling southwest. After being pushed approximately 38 feet Coleman's vehicle then collided with a 2010 Ford Escape driven by Lloyd Carr.

Carr's vehicle, the Escape was stopped, facing south, waiting for the train to pass. The Suburban traveled approximately 200 feet north before it came to rest.

“There was some damage to the Suburban, not as much as you might think, that was caused mostly by the collision with the Escape. It could have been a lot worse,”said Miami Police Sgt. Jason Arnold.

The Suburban is owned by Miami Public Schools and was occupied only by Coleman.

There were no serious injuries according to Sgt.Arnold. Coleman was cited for “failing to obey signal indicating approach of train.” Miami Police Officer Andrew Hanson and Sgt. Arnold are investigating the collision.

Several roads were blocked temporarily in the area while the train was inspected and crossings cleared. Sgt. Arnold said there was only very minor damage to the BNSF train that was 7,500 feet in length, weighed 19,000 tons consisted of 135 cars with 4 engines.