Pit bulls will not be banned from Fairland.

Fairland Police Chief Tony Wisely told the Board of Trustees Thursday that after doing some research he feels it would be best to stay with the ordinance the town has currently.

The trustees had an item on the agenda to discuss and possibly vote to ban pit bulls from Fairland's town limits and authorize the drawing up of an ordinance to do that.

Wisely said he believes it is best to stay with the town's current vicious animal ordinance because it addresses all breeds and doesn't zero in on one breed – pit bulls.

However, he would like to see the trustees amend the town's vicious animal ordinance to spell out a new length of time the dog has to be quarantined and the owner has to remove it.

Trustee Claude Best asked why the chief was backing up on his request.

Wisely said, “We're just going with a wider spectrum. In researching the issue I haven't found any towns or cities that have gone to a pit bull ordinance. Instead, they've all stayed with the vicious animal ordinance.”

Best said he can bring Wisely ordinances from communities where they have adopted a pit bull ordinance. Wisely asked him to bring them to him.

Mayor Andy Kreb said he can see where the problem exists when the town tries to single out one breed.

Trustee Mark Goode said he feels the town's existing vicious animal is a good one.

Wisely sid he felt staying with the broader spectrum on the vicious animal ordinance was the best way for the town to go.

The trustees then took no action on the request to draw up a pit bull ordinance.

In other action, the trustees:

• Appointed Jess Robinson to the Fairland Housing Authority Board of Directors.

Robinson said the Housing Authority is a real interest of his.

Best said Robinson will be a real asset to the FHA board.

• Agreed to allow the city attorney to draw up an ordinance to amend Chapter 10 of the town code to allow residents to burn certain items with the fire chief's permission.

The trustees will review and possibly approve the ordinance at its April 5 meeting.

Krebs said currently the town has an ordinance that says residents can't burn anything – garbage or trash.

Bill Lunsford, the former Fairland fire chief, said most people know to call the fire department before they burn anything.

Best said the town doesn't offer any place for people to dump leaves, lawn trimming, etc.

Leaves can't be burned by residents because they aren't specifically mentioned.

Town Attorney Eric Wade said they can list the items that the town permits residents to burn in the new ordinance to correct the situation.

The trustees agreed and directed him to draw up a new ordinance for them to look at in April.

• Approved increasing the town's copying fee from 10 cents a page to 25 cents a page.

While sitting as the Fairland Public Works Authority Board of Directors, the trustees:

• Tabled discussion or action on soliciting bids for the town's contract for solid waste collection.

• Authorized the city attorney to send a demand letter to Bernice Sanitation regarding an outstanding invoice it has with the town.