Mary Ellis

Miami News-Record

When people go to see the new movie "UP" Friday it can be viewed the way Disney and Pixar intended at only one theatre for 70 miles ó right here in Miami.

According to Lisa Severe, marketing manager for Miami Nation Enterprises, the Miami Cineplex is the only theatre with 3D capabilities.

"No theatre in Joplin or Grove has 3D capabilities," she said. "The nearest theatre that can show 3D films is in Pryor.

"Iíve had people calling me from Joplin wanting to know when weíll be showing 3D."

"We were very excited in March of 2007 when we open the theatre, but today is even more exciting as we take the Cineplex to the next level in entertainment!" said Chief Tom Gamble of the Miami Tribe. "The addition of a digital projector will not only allow for 3D movies, but also allows the theatre to project events, concerts and even gaming devices, such as X-Box. The possibilities are endless!"

The new 3D equipment cost close to $70,000, according to Severe.

While 3D movies date back to the 1950s, when people had to wear cardboard glasses with one red lens and one blue lens, the modern technology is nothing less than state-of-the-art.

The technology enhances the movie-going experience, and 3D movies are the latest rage for movie goers.

"UP," a comedy adventure seems the perfect movie to re-introduce people to 3D. It is about a balloon salesman who ties thousands of balloons to his house to fly away, only to discover an 8-year-old Wilderness Explorer has stowed away on the journey.

Pixar will re-release Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3D in October. Toy Story 3, in 3D will follow.

Other films the Cineplex is scheduled to show in 3D include Ice Age on July 1, G Force on July 24, Final Destination on Aug. 28, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs on Sept.18,

Christmas Carol on Nov. 6 and, on

Dec. 8 Avatar, James Cameronís first movie since Titanic.

Audiences viewing any 3D movie at the Miami Cineplex will be given a pair of 3D glasses, which now look like a pair of sunglasses. The cost to view a 3D movie will be an additional $2 to cover the expenses of the glasses. The glasses have circular polarized lenses, each polarized differently, which adds to the visual effect.

"As a Tribe this is another opportunity for us to help promote Miami," Chief Gamble said. "To be able to offer 3D, which isnít available locally, is a tremendous asset to our community. We are pleased to be able to do this."