An off-duty deputy chased a purse-snatcher out of a local video store Wednesday evening.

Deputy Robert Cook was renting movies at a local video store when he heard a woman screaming from the back of the building.

“It sounded like it came from the tanning area of the store,” said Cook.

Seconds later, Cook said a nude woman ran from the tanning area yelling, “stop that man, he just robbed me.”

“I observed a male subject run from the west tanning area into the east area through a door,” said Cook. “I ran toward the front door to cut the male subject off but he made it out the door before I got there.”

Cook left the area in pursuit of the suspect and found him sitting in a nearby loan company.

“I identified myself as an off-duty deputy and detained the subject until officers arrived,” said Cook.

Officers identified the suspect as Nicholas Oliver Amrine, 29, of Miami.

“We believe he is a suspect in some other recent robberies,” said Miami Police Chief Gary Anderson.

According to the police report, three women individually encountered Amrine while they were tanning in the back of the video store.

One of the women said she heard noises outside the tanning booth and opened the door to find Amrine going through her purse in the dressing room.

Amrine fled the scene and startled the other two women as he ran through the area’s they were tanning in.

“One of the women had a pacemaker put in as a child,” said Detective Glenn Johnston. “She reported that Amrine shoved her against the wall as she was attempting to interrupt the robbery. If he had hit her in the right area she could have died.”

Johnston said Thursday that authorities are investigating Amrine as a possible suspect in similar incidents, but Amrine has not confessed to any crimes.