Less than 500 Miami utility customers remain without power today — most of which are believed to be in an area south of Northeastern Oklahoma A&M college.

That number does not include customers who have service line problems.

Jerry Ruse, engineer and utility superintendent for the City of Miami, said Monday that — outside of cases where residents are waiting on electricians to make meter box repairs — there are still a few isolated outages to be resolved by repairs to primary and secondary lines.

“There is a small pocket in Sky Ranch and three small pockets in the Rockdale area that are still out,” Ruse said.

Those outages, according to Ruse, are due to broken power poles.

According to the utility superintendent, all homes south of the Neosho River are believed to have power.

Homes north of the Neosho River and west of Main Street have been re-energized.

Because of the “pocket outages,” Ruse said the area north of NEO and east of Main Street and the portion of the city that lies south of the college to the river and east of Main Street are between 90 and 95 percent restored.

Line crews will focus on reconnects today, Ruse said, and begin door-to-door status checks.

“Where electricians are not needed, we will reconnect the service lines and get the power back up,” Ruse said. “Hopefully, by Wednesday, crews will be caught up to the electricians.”

City leaders are encouraging residents to continue to call city hall with questions and to report problems.

The numbers to call are as follows:

To report a general outage — call 541-2240.

To report a service line problem (a line that connects a residence to a secondary line) — call 541-2329.

To contact the emergency operations center _ call 541-2247.

City seeks volunteers

The City of Miami is seeking volunteers to help move debris to curbsides for residents who are financially unable to hire the work to be done or have a disability that does not allow them to physically to the work themselves.

Deputy Fire Chief Ronnie Cline is coordinating the effort to match volunteers with residents needed assistance.

Cline can be contacted at 541-2325.