A Tallahassee, Fla., company is Miami's choice for clearing the city's right-of-ways of debris from the recent ice storm.

Miami purchasing agent Randy Hinds, along with city engineer Jerry Ruse and interim city manager Tim Wilson, recommended Crowder Disaster Recovery - the lowest overall bidder of 14 contractors who submitted proposals last week.

City council members and the city's Special Utilities Board, which met jointly on Friday, approved the trio's recommendation. The recommendation was presented along with a breakout of all bids received and attention drawn to what the committee said were the three strongest candidates - Crowder Disaster, Ceres Environmental and Bamaco.

Crowder, which proposes to move debris for $59.80 per ton, will also remove hanging limbs from right-of-ways for $39 per tree and will remove hazardous leaning trees at varied prices between $32.50 and $349 per tree, depending on the size of the tree.

Ruse said Friday that formal awarding of the bid will not occur until Ottawa County is officially included in the federal disaster declaration and the Federal Emergency Management Agency has approved the city's disaster recovery plan.

In other matters, the panel members found themselves in the dark as power failed during the joint meeting.

Council member Scott Trussler said the outage could be one of many that will occur within the city's now weakened system.

“This is going to be a reoccuring thing,” Trussler said. “Especially when we get into the summer months when the load on the system is greater. That is when we will start to see just how much damage has been done … Our system is weak.”