Despite the fact that spring and the grass growing season are just around the corner the Fairland Board of Trustees Thursday tabled the request to advertise for bids for the mowing of town properties.

Fairland Police Chief Tony Wisely told the trustees his department has officers who need more work and asked if they as off-duty officers could do the work since the town has the equipment.

Town Attorney Eric Wade said the town could lease the equipment to the off-duty officers.

Mayor Andy Kreb asked if the town would be able to get Fairland Cemetery mowed in a day if the town went this route.

Trustee Kathy Smith said she thought this would be a good option for the town.

Trustee Claude Best said his main concern with this proposal was how it could be done under the labor laws.

Wade said he was concerned about over time. If over time has to be paid the town would be on an employer-employee relation with them.

Wisely said he'd like to see his reserve officers earn more money for their families.

Duane Bryant, Fairland Public Works operator, reminded trustees they still don't know what it would cost the town to have its property mowed, and won't without a bid. That is why the town should take bids on the service, he said.

Trustee Mark Goode asked how long it would take to mow the town's grass. Bryant said it would take one man one 10-hour day to mow the park and grass along the railroad tracks.

Bill Lunsford, former Fairland fire chief, said if the town used the reserve police officers when off-duty and paid them overtime it would only come to $11.47 an hour versus the $12 an hour the town paid last year.

Krebs said, I believe if it ain't broke don't fix it. Mike (Martin) was doing a good job for us last year.

Smith suggested the trustees table the matter.

Krebs said, I feel the work he was doing was great and we should stay with him.

Fairland resident Jim Love agreed that Martin was doing a great job, and got the town out of a bind last year.

However, if the town doesn't put the job out to bid it won't know if he is doing it too cheaply, he said.

Krebs said the town could continue to use Martin.

The trustees then agreed to table the issue.