Jim Ellis

Miami News-Record

JOPLIN, Mo. — The collapse of the KSNF tower during last Friday’s severe storms has had a ripple effect for two other local stations.

CBS affiliate KOAM and Fox affiliate KJFX are on the air, but DISH Network is carrying the signals of Springfield, Mo., stations because relay equipment used by DISH was on the KSNF tower.

"Most (DISH subscribers) are just getting the CBS and Fox stations," said KOAM/KFJX news director Kristi Spencer.

However, some DISH subscribers in northeast Oklahoma are receiving all four of Springfield’s major network affiliates.

"I don’t know why that is," Spencer said. "This is a temporary situation and we expect to be back on DISH Network soon.

“We were just worried about viewers in the area being able to get weather information.”

CableONE subscribers continue to receive KOAM, KJFX, ABC affiliate KODE and PBS affiliate KOZJ.

It could be 30 days before KSNF is back on the air, according to general manager John Hoffman.

According to Hoffman there are several options to getting back on air without a tower and it's likely that a tower will not be in place within the 30-day time frame.

"We will put the tower back up, that's without question," said Hoffman. "The only question is when."

Access to the materials needed to reinstall the tower and replacing the digital antenna are considerations.

For the time being, alternate options for broadcast are being considered.

"This is not an overnight process," said Hoffman. "There are too many variables to say give an exact time, but we anticipate about 30 days."

Spencer said that for viewers who can receive digital over-the-air signals, KOAM is available by tuning the digital TV or digital converter box to channel 7-1.

To watch the local FOX station, tune in to 7-2 or 14-1, she said.