Lynda Ramsey Martinez celebrated this year's Picher Christmas parade as its grand marshall.

She followed the parade by autographing her book on Picher in the elementary school cafeteria.

Martinez, born and raised in Picher, was a 1968 graduate of Picher High School.

“Although I live in Mesa, Ariz., Picher will always have my heart,” she said. “I wrote this book to preserve the history of Picher.”

She gave an example of forgotten town such as New Joplin, which existed near Dotyville until a tornado wiped it out in the 1930s.

She started working on the book six months ago.

“I just called people in Picher asking if they had anything to share,” Martinez said.

Some people whose photographs and memories are included in the book include Orval Ray, Alan and Ruth Matthews, Herman and Grace McMulleen and Pat Waddle.

Martinez's whole family shares her admiration for Picher even though many of them never lived there.

The movie about Picher, “The Creek Runs Red,” is one thing that they share.

“My 4-year-old granddaughter, Kaylynn Stanley, asks if she can watch it all the time,” Martinez said. “She's seen it so often, she can narrate it.

“My grandson, Ivan Martinez, took it to school for show and tell.”