The wife of a man arrested in a recent drug raid has been charged with manufacturing a controlled substance.

Charges against Jennifer LeeAnn Mann, 26, of Miami stem from a Dec. 7 search warrant served at 412 J St. NW, where she resides with her husband, Joshua Mann.

“Joshua Mann and his wife were not home at the time of the raid,” said Detective Todd Hicks. “We encountered Jeremy Mann, Joshua Mann's brother, and his girlfriend in the living room.”

Hicks said Joshua and Jennifer Mann's 1-year-old child was also in the house sleeping on a dirty mattress.

“There was a strong odor associated with the manufacturing of Methamphetamine in the house," Hicks said.

Inside the Mann's residence, authorities found pseudoephedrine, red phosphorus, iodine, hundreds of match books with the striker plates missing, used coffee filters, hydrogen peroxide, Heet, charcoal lighter fluid, acetone and muriatic acid, all precursors for making methamphetamine.

“We also found a double-burner hot plate, glass wear, tubing, duct tape and several jars and bottles containing a two-layer liquid that field tested positive for amphetamine,” Hicks said.

Several other items associated with the use of meth were located inside the residence, according to authorities.

Joshua Mann, 27, Jeremy Mann, 19, and Jennifer Mann, have all three now been charged with manufacturing methamphetamine.

Authorities say child endangerment charges could also be filed.