A red 2004 Chevy Corvette owned by Dr. Greg Hiebert was discovered to be stolen after Officer Jeremy Myers with the Miami Police Department found the vehicle wrecked. Myers was advised of a red Corvette being driven recklessly on May 30 near the Miami Police Department and it was found a short time later crashed at 3rd and C Street NW.

In the Ottawa County Sheriff's report Myers said that he saw the Corvette 10 minutes earlier coming from behind the car wash at Main and Steve Owens Boulevard and it appeared to be occupied by two males.

The two males fled on foot after the crash occurred. The Miami Police Department identified the owner of the car by running the tag and found that it was Hiebert's vehicle.

Hiebert was contacted and it became apparent that the Corvette had been stolen during the night from his carport on his residence on South 540 Road and a stolen vehicle report was made.

Hiebert told the officers that he last saw the vehicle there around 10:30 p.m. and that the keys had been left in the car. Payton's Wrecker towed the vehicle to the Sallyport for processing.

After taking the report from the owner the reporting officer Gary Graham spoke to Corporal Jeff Frazier of the Miami PD who informed him that several credit cards had been found in the vehicle. Frazier said that the owners of the credit cards were contacted.

A McDonald's cup was found in the Corvette and Graham contacted Hiebert to see if it was his cup. Hiebert said the cup was not his. Graham then went to McDonald's and questioned the employees about whether they had seen the vehicle earlier which they said they had not and he also requested any video footage from the drive-thru showing a red Corvette.

According to the Miami Police Department several items were recovered from the stolen Corvette belonging to Sari and James Payton whose residence is located at 1709 K Street Southwest that had been stolen from their car, a white 2005 GMC Yukon including a Fossil silver leather wallet, debit cards, credit cards, department store credit cards, and a library card. Unrecovered stolen items included a check book, cash, driver's license, and medication totaling a value of $265. The Payton's did not realize the items had been stolen until police notified them of the recovery. The vehicle was unlocked and the windows were partially down at the time of the theft..

Cathy Rabel reported at 12:50 p.m. that her vehicle at her residence at 1726 K Street SW was burglarized sometime before 7 a.m. when she noticed the middle console was open and a GPS with a value of $74.98 was missing. Her vehicle was unlocked at the time of the theft and there was no damage.

Jeff Reeves who also resides on 1903 K Street SW reported around 8:21 p.m. to police of the larceny of an I-Pod Touch valued at $300 from his 2011 Chevy truck. He said he was getting ready to go for a run and saw that his I-Pod was gone. Reeves said that he also found a box of Marlboro Light cigarettes in the driver's seat of his vehicle that did not belong to anyone in his home.

Both the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office and the Miami Police Department are continuing to investigate the case, but no named suspects are listed at this time.