The City of Miami is expecting to bring down the first of a string of the city’s dilapidated structures as it launches a string of planned demolitions.

“The City of Miami has taken an aggressive stance on dilapidated, flood structures in our community,” said Miami City Manager Huey P. Long. “These properties have sat for almost a year and a half, becoming health and safety issues.”

Last month, Long instructed the City Code Enforcement Department to start the, Demolition Hearing Process, to invite property owners to the city to help them determine what to do with the July 2007 flood homes. The demolition process will start Thursday with the first structure in the south west part of town.

Having recently entered into an agreement with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality and local demolition companies, the city can ease the financial burden on the property owners by having the structures removed, according to a statement released by the City of Miami.

“The demolition cost is below the norm for the industry,” said Gary Brooks, Emergency Manager and Code Enforcement Director for the City of Miami. “I know and understand that this is still a financial burden on our folks who have been devastated by the flood. However, it is time to move forward.”

Brooks said a local contractor will demolish structures for $1.35 a square foot. The debris will be hauled away at no additional cost to the property owner and placed within a certified land fill secured by the city through an agreement with a private land owner.

“In the last month, we have had approximately 70 demolition hearings, primarily with the red-tagged flood homes … The majority of property owners have signed a Right of Entry, allowing the City to act on their behalf.

Those who have property that fits the category of being dilapidated, please call Brooks, in the Miami Emergency Management office at 541-2275.