A convicted child abuser who brutally beat his infant son in 2006 will not face additional charges after the child’s death five years later, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

 Conner Jackson Kreider-Reece, 5, died in Miami on May 16 at the home of his caretaker.  He suffered a severe brain injury at 2 months old at the hands of his father, Henry Moland, said Kevin Buchanan, Washington County District Attorney.  

 Repeated telephone calls to the state's Medical Examiner's Office on Conner’s cause of death were not returned.

 “We can’t charge him for murder and child abuse,” Buchanan said, referring to Moland. “He has already been convicted of child abuse.”

 Moland was convicted of child abuse in 2007 in Washington County District Court and is serving a 30-year prison sentence. At the time of the beating, the infant was living in Bartlesville with his mother and Moland.

 “Moland will have to serve 85 percent of the (30-year) sentence – which is around 27 years,” Buchanan said.

 Moland told investigators at the time of the child’s beating he accidentally struck the baby’s head on a living room coffee table around three times.  He also said he shook the baby between 10 and 12 times because he was stressed after the infant screamed and cried all day.