Yesterday will come alive at the Coleman Theatre in Miami Sunday when the Glenn Miller Orchestra performs.

The performance is at 4 p.m.

“We've had people asking for years if we would get the Glenn Miller Orchestra to perform at the Coleman,” said Barbara Smith, director of the theatre. “We've planned to do it when the ballroom is renovated and opened, but this performance just walked into our hands and we couldn't pass it up.”

The Glenn Miller Orchestra, currently under the direction of Larry O'Brien, will perform early this week in Chanute and Hutchison, Kan. Following Sunday's performance in Miami, it will perform in Edmond.

“There won't be much space for dancing in the theatre proper, I'm sure we'll have people dancing in the aisles,” Smith said. “The rest will have to wait until we open the ballroom.”

Glenn Miller and his orchestra are world famous, but it almost didn't happen.

His first orchestra was begun and failed in 1937.

His second orchestra, begun in March 1938, was an enormous success.

He disbanded it at the height of its popularity in 1942 and volunteered in the military where he led the Glenn Miller Army Air Force Band.

He took off from England for France in December 1944 and was never seen again. He was declared dead a year later.

Because of popular demand, the Miller Estate authorized the formation of the present Glenn Miller Orchestra in 1956.

Although it was under the direction of several leaders, the orchestra continues to this day.

The orchestra tours constantly, playing an average of 300 days a year both concerts and swing engagements.

The band plays many of the original Miller arrangements that fans look forward to. A sample includes “The White Cliffs of Dover” and “The Moolight Serenade.”

Additionally, they play more modern selections in the big-band style such as “Over the Rainbow,” “The Body Electric” and “Up Where We Belong.”

The entire repertoire which now exceeds 1,700 compositions keeps the band popular with both young and old.

Smith said that almost half of the tickets for the Glenn Miller Orchestra's performance were already sold as of Friday.

Those interested in purchasing tickets should call the Coleman Theatre at 540-2425.