The lead architect who oversaw construction of the Ottawa County Courthouse voiced his concerns Monday regarding heating and air-condition issues that remain unresolved at the site.

According to Bill Knowles, representing BK&L Architects, told county commission members that his firm had lost its patience with Crossland Construction and recommended the district attorney step in.

Knowles suggested that the county’s legal counsel demand that Crossland Construction provide a full review of the courthouse project — a precursor to pursuing the contractor’s bond for failure to perform.

“We have lost our patience,” Knowles said. “And so has the building authority … This has gone on for long enough.”

Though the courthouse has does have heat and air-conditioning, the large Trane units are not functioning properly.

Air Services, a subcontractor that installed the system, has gone into bankruptcy, according to Knowles. The situation saddled Trane with the responsibility of correcting problems with the service and installation.

“The problem is that Crossland Construction has not yet paid Trane … in the amount of about $205,000,” Knowles said. “Until they pay Trane, Trane is not coming.”

In the meantime, the county is struggling to efficiently control the temperature in the new building which was officially opened to the public in July.

“We have been patient long enough,” Knowles said. “There is nothing wrong with the design of the system. The problem is in the construction … It is time to get this problem solved.”

The county still holds $70,000 due to Crossland Construction, according to commission chairman Russell Earls.

The county will continue to withhold payment until the issue is resolved, county officials said.

“We thank you for that recommendation,” Earls said to Knowles. “We want this issue resolved and, obviously, we want it corrected as quickly as possible.”

Comments from Crossland Construction could not be obtained prior to deadline.