According to Cable One's General Manager, Charlotte McClure, KTUL Tulsa's Channel 8 will be back on the air on April 6.

“We've been able to reach an agreement with KTUL that is mutually satisfactory and beneficial for both of us,” McClure said.

“Cable One is really happy to be able to do this for the community to have the weather and news they wanted. We're doing the best we can to able to do that,” McClure said.

McClure said that Cable One will be dropping Tulsa's KJRH Channel 2, which is not a significantly viewed station on April 6. Cable One could only show the weather and news, around 30 percent of KJRH's programming according to McClure because of FCC non-duplication rules. She said Cable One is choosing to air KTUL instead which can air in its entirety and continuously to provide a Tulsa channel to customers.

Regarding the announcement of Channel 8's return to Cable One, KTUL's General Manager Pat Baldwin said, “I think it's a victory for the people in Miami. I'm glad they got it. I was very flattered at the citizen's forum by all of the good comments about KTUL. After that I told Charlotte McClure we've got to make this work no matter what.”

Baldwin said,“I made it a point to make sure at KTUL that we are on top of any weather situations that affect Miami to give the city ample warning when dangerous weather approaches.”

Ron Gilbert, a Miami dentist, who led the petition drive to bring KTUL back into Cable One's offered line up, was pleased by the announcement.

“I think it just shows that if the public wants to have something like that they can make it happen. KTUL and Mr.Baldwin were very helpful in making this happen,”Gilbert said, adding that many people assisted him in getting the 200 to 300 signatures for the petition.

“Mine and many other's concern was always safety first. We're pleased we're getting that back. We are sorry we're losing another channel,” he said.

“I can't thank the City Council enough for listening and all their help,” Gilbert said.

Miami's Interim City Manager Tim Wilson said, “I appreciate the efforts of Cable One and KTUL Channel 8 in Tulsa in the development of an agreement that works for all parties. I am extremely proud of our residents in standing up for what they want. It took a consorted effort to bring the awareness to Cable One of the importance of Channel 8 to our community.”

He added, “Our residents watch the Tulsa station for weather forecasts and storm related warnings. The City’s Emergency Management Director Glenda Longan uses Channel KTUL for emergency preparedness and predictions during the storm seasons, therefore it was vital to our City to have this channel for weather related information. It may have taken several public meetings but working together Cable One responded to our communities desire to restore Channel 8. I want to personally thank the general manager Charlotte McClure and our City Council for their efforts.”