Miami's city council hopes to host Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., and Congressman Dan Boren, D-Okla., in August to pitch some projects the city needs their help on.

"I'm excited, we're getting a team put together that can provide assistance to us on the federal level. This team understands the inner workings of Congress," City Manager Huey P. Long said after Wednesday's work session with its federal consultants G. T. Bynum and Stuart McCalan of G. T. Bynum Consulting.

Long said while the city has put together lists for its lobbyists to work on at the state level this is the first time it has established on for the federal level.

After looking at a list of 13 topics Long and the council put forth, Bynum cut the list down to:

Getting the Corps of Engineering Flood Remediation Study for Miami funded. Long said this study has a cost of about $7 million.

Work on getting money for the bridge at Central Avenue and Elm that was damaged by the 2007 flood. The bridge is estimated to cost $1.2 million with the state paying $750,000 and the Bureau of Indian Affairs and federal government paying the other $450,000.

Seek money to remove trees, debris and brush along Tar Creek from the Neosho River to 22nd Street in Miami.

Bynum said he and McCalan also will help the city and the short hauler to expedite the paperwork to get the three to five mile railroad spur in Miami renovated.

Other items on the town's wish list that will be worked on later, include:

Tar Creek Cleanup. Long said he's not convinced that the government has done much to clean up the number one toxic site in the world.

"We have well sites throughout the area that we need to be sure continue to pump clean water. Twenty-five years to clean it up isn't realistic," he said.

Create a Grand Lake Consortium to make it sustainable. Bynum said the town needs to work with its neighbors to make this a regional effort.

Bring a federal/private prison to Miami. Long said prisons are major industries that provide high paying.

jobs. "The good thing about a federal prison is that once they're built they're with you forever," he said.

Bynum said they would have to research this issue and it will be a long-term project.

Economic development partnership with Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College to deal with flood issues, etc.

Councilman Rudy Schultz said since the college draws from Missouri and Kansas, it needs to get them involved.

Bynum said if the proposal would benefit NEO directly, it is a project they could pursue on the federal level, otherwise no.

Get the old BF Goodrich plant site under the city's ownership, and do major cleanup and turn it into a prime industrial development.

Work to get additional money for the airport. This money might go to get the main runway extended.

Elevate Highway 125 by the bridge by the fairgrounds.

Build new turnpike gates to tie in north of Wal-Mart.