Circle Drive

Neece has curb and gutter portion done to allow the street department to come in and grade and add rock to the slope leading up to the Railroad tracks. This should begin Tuesday.  The gas company will be in Thursday to place a new 6" main gas line under the road before asphalt is laid.  The road will be compacted again following the gas companies installation of the line then the road should be ready to pave.

6th Street

All the manholes have been lowered except the precast manhole which should be finished Monday or Tuesday.  Also a gas pressure tester valve is also being lowered next week by the gas company.  Neece has finished the concrete curb on the road.  The street department is currently grading the road and will be doing so next week to prepare for paving.

C street

Neece Concrete has grade stakes set and is placing string lines to set forms.  The new curb should be replaced by the end of next week or the first of the following week if all goes well.

Soft Spot Repairs

APAC has placed asphalt on all the soft spot on Rockdale from I street to Elm street.  They have two more spots to do on the east side of Elm to be completely finished.  They are also patching soft spots on Garfield.  Following the spots on Garfield they will proceed onto 22nd AVE NW street. The east side of the Solid waste transfer station entrance may be closed (between H and the entrance) for the repairs.  But people can still enter from the P street side.

Please drive safely around the road construction.