Parents of children who will attend Fairland Public Schools during the 2012-2013 school year got a chance Tuesday to meet their children's teachers and learn what they expect of the children.

Tammy Powell, FPS special education director, said for her the open house let her schedule four meetings with some of the children in the program and their parents. “We developed plans for each of the children for this school year,” she said. “The parents were very receptive to the respective programs.”

Jessica Homan brought her three children – second grader Libby Homan, fourth grader Ryleigh Homan, and pre-kindergartener Keyton Homan – to meet their teachers, see their classrooms and hear about the teacher's classroom expectations for each of her children.

Ashley Campbell, who brought her second grader to the open house, said she comes every year to meet her youngster's teachers and see their classrooms.

Kim Giles said, “I bring my kids to see their classrooms and meet their teachers.”

Lisa Jewett said she brought her son, who is in second grade, to meet his teacher and pick out his desk.