Authorities were forced to deploy stop sticks during a morning chase through Miami on Sunday.

According to a police report, Officer John Barbour initiated a traffic stop on a 1996 Geo Prism at the corner of Steve Owens Boulevard and Elm Street.

Barbour said the driver produced an insurance verification card that expired in August of 2008.

The driver identified himself as Travis Wells, of Commerce, but stated he did not have a driver's license.

“While I was talking with Wells, I could smell an odor, usually associated with alcoholic beverage, coming from the vehicle,” Barbour said. “I then asked Wells to turn his vehicle off while I went to my patrol car.”

Barbour said that, as he returned to his patrol car, Welsl started his vehicle and drove away.

“The vehicle headed north on Elm until it approached Rockdale, where it turned east,” Barbou saidr. “It continued east on Rockdale toward Highway 69A on College Farm Road.”

After hearing traffic reports, Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers deployed stop sticks at the intersection of South 600 Road and 90 Road.

Authorities say Wells traveled about one-quarter of a mile on East 90 Road after striking the stop sticks.

Barbour said Wells continued to rev his engine in attempt to flee the scene after authorities approached his vehicle a second time.

“He actively resisted by pulling away from us back into the car,” Barbour said. “I advised backup that the driver had thrown something out the window on East 90 Road,” Barbour said.

Authorities later recovered a small amount of marijuana wrapped in a package consistent with that described by the pursuing officer.