OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma hunters and gun collectors may now be able to purchase guns in other states without violating Oklahoma law thanks to state Rep. Jeff Hickman.

House Bill 1865, by Hickman, allows individuals to purchase a shotgun or rifle from properly licensed dealers in other states. Currently, the law in Oklahoma requires purchases to be made from licensed dealers in this state or in a bordering state.

Hickman said he was unaware of this law until a constituent informed him of the purchasing restrictions.

“One of my constituents was on a hunting trip out-of-state when he went to purchase a new gun and was unable to buy it. He was told by the clerk that Oklahoma law prohibits him from selling a gun to an Oklahoma resident since they were not in a bordering state,” said Hickman, R-Fairview.

“I almost couldn’t believe we had a law like this in place. It violates the Interstate Commerce Clause which is in place so individuals can buy products and services from other states. We don’t tell you where you can buy a car and we can’t tell you where you can buy a gun.”

Historically, prior to the 1986 amendments to the Gun Control Act, many states enacted provisions in their laws that allowed their residents to acquire a long gun in a contiguous state. However, in 1986 the GCA was amended to allow the sale of long guns to residents of any state. Some states, including Oklahoma, did not amend their laws to reflect this change.

“It’s past time we change the language to reflect the federal amendment passed more than 20 years ago,” said Hickman. “Oklahomans have the right to legally purchase rifles or shotguns as much as any other American and this bill corrects that inequity.”

HB 1865 now heads to the state Senate for a hearing.