The Miami News-Record launched a new Web site design Wednesday that may take its Internet audience by surprise.

New features include photo galleries, community journalism features, stock listings, poll questions, enhanced weather listings, area news sources and blogging options that allow viewers to log comments on specific articles.

Viewing of full articles requires Internet users to register and create a username and password.

“It is still a free access Web site,” said managing editor Krista Duhon. “The registration component allows us to better track the use of our site. In fact, the new system tells us that in the first hours of launching the new site, more than 100 Web users created registered a username and password.”

Duhon said there may be “glitches” today as designers customize the site.

“We are really excited about this,” Duhon said. “It is a great tool for advertisers and a fantastic resource for our readers. We are particularly excited about the interactive features and hope that our readers take full advantage of the new opportunities they have.”

The site allows readers to upload comments, photographs and make “community journalism” contributions.

Publisher Shannon Duhon said Wednesday that he is happy to launch the interactive site that effectively provides readers with a voice in the “new media” initiative.

“I encourage readers to log on to,” Krista Duhon said. “We are in the same place but we have a new face. We want to know what readers think about it — good and bad.”

Questions regarding the site should be directed to Duhon at 542-5533 ext. 3050.