The Quapaw Tribe announced the construction of a new 5,000 square-foot convenience store situated behind the current O-Gah-Pah Convenience Store located Northeast of Miami on Mushroom Farm Road.

The new store will eventually replace the current building that is now 16 years old. The completion of the new convenience store is scheduled to be done by November. The new facility is almost double the size of the current 2,700 square foot building.

The funding for the construction project came from a HUD Indian Community Block Grant plus some additional funding from the tribe.

Doreen Finnie, the Quapaw Tribe's Public Relations Director said, "It's served its life well. Now days people are very into stopping at a convenience store to get fried chicken, you know lunch and that type of thing."

According to Finnie the aging systems in the old store are starting to break down more and more and the Quapaw Tribe had to make a choice of putting money into a refurbishment of the old facility or building a new one.

The new store will face the corner leaving space for plenty of new parking that will now all be paved and fuel pumps.

"When the tribe found out a grant was available and that approval was given it seemed serendipitous," she said.

"We will be using the old store and keeping the current store open as far as we can until the new store is opened, " she said.

"With the new construction there are going to be new safer fuel pumps, new fuel storage and septic that will be more environmentally friendly," she said.

Finnie said the new store will offer more food and more market type items will be available.

"If we're going to do it, we're going to do it right. We are putting a safe room in the new store for a place for the employees to go in case of a storm. The facility will probably employ a couple more people," Finnie said.