Popular harpist Tammy Willcox will perform at the Miami Public Library from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday.

“A large group of people usually come to the library to hear Tammy,” said Marcia Johnson, head librarian. “It's almost as if she has her own fan club.”

Willcox' program, “Christmas Harp Strings,” will inlcude  classical, popular, traditional and ancient Christmas music.

She will perform it on a 1937 gold Lyon and Healy concert semi-grand pedal harp.

“What instrument would better present Christmas music than a harp?” Johnson asked.

Willcox agreed and said that this time of the year keeps harpists busy.

“I have eight performances scheduled this week,” she said.

Johnson said she plans to present the harp concert differently this time.

“I'm planning on putting it at the back of the library where the periodicals are,” she said. “That way people can hear Tammy's performance throughout their time in the library.”

“This is a time when people will be able to relax and enjoy the holiday music,” Willcox said.

Wilcox calls the harp, “her passion.”

“The harp opened the whole world up to me,”    Willcox said. “I would wish it on anyone.” 

She was introduced to the harp in grade school which she attended with daughter of DeMaris  Gaines, another noted performer and harp  teacher.

Willcox travels with her own sound system to make sure “those in the back row can hear as well as those in the front row.”