Monday's Miami City Council meeting's citizens' input agenda item now reflects Mayor Kent Ketcher's changes and begins the meeting scheduled for 6:15 p.m on March 19.

The item now reads: “Each person wishing to address the City Council regarding items on the posted agenda will be limited to 3 minutes. The City Council will not take action on the issue presented unless it is already on the agenda at this time, but will schedule the matter for an upcoming agenda if appropriate. The matter will be referred to the City Manager for action if appropriate.”

The meeting ends with a discussion, consideration and possible vote on the appointment of an Interim City Manager effective April 5 at 5 p.m. after current Interim City Manager Tim Wilson's resignation officially takes effect.

Other agenda items to be covered in this meeting:

Consent agenda including minutes for the March 5 meeting, purchase orders for the March 8 payroll and March 19 and the consideration and a possible vote on approval of the Coleman Theater's new conference and ballroom renovation project ($400,000 Loan) purchase orders as presented by the administration and staff.

A Chamber of Commerce update to be given by Ian Drake the Chambers's Director.

Chief of Police George Haralson is scheduled to give an update on the police department.

Discussion, consideration and possible vote on the award of public bid #C12-20 for one 20 thousand LB Class boring unit.

Discussion, consideration and possible vote on entering into a lease agreement/contract with Welch Bank for the purchase of a dump truck and Empire Financial from Tulsa for the purchase of a 20 Thousand LB Class boring unit.(Both items are for the Water Department and both lease agreement/contracts are for five years.)

Barbara Smith will be presenting discussion and a possible vote on a proclamation declaring April 20 as Carol Littleton Day in Miami. Littleton is a native of Miami an done of Hollywood's most respected film editors.

Recognition of retiring Miami Police Officers Scott Garber, Bradd McMinn, Ken Brodrick and Mike Brashers.

Discussion and possible vote on the approval of inventory resolutions transferring weapons and badges to the four retiring officers, Brashers, Garber, McMinn and Brodrick.

Billie Barlow will be asking the Council to waive gym fees for Family Activity Night.

Discussion and a possible vote on an ordinance rezoning 1631 C Street NE as RM-2 as recommended by the City Planning Commission.

Review of the Three State Route 66 Travel Guide.

Discussion and possible vote on approval for the Emergency Manager to attend Northeastern State University's certification in Emergency Management and planning program with the understanding that such costs will be re-reimbursed through State and Local Assistance (SLA) Pilot Project Funds as long as the student earns the certificate from NSU.

Mayor and City Council comments.

New Business.

Discussion and possible vote to enter executive session for the following: (A)Contract negotiations between the FOP Lodge #121, IAFF Local 1969 and the City of Miami. (B) Employment, hiring, appointment, promotion, demotion, disciplining, or resignation of any individual salaried public office or employee, to wit: Ronnie Cline and James Whisenant.