MONKEY ISLAND – Two men were stabbed and the man suspected in the incident later set himself on fire, said Delaware County Sheriff Harlan Moore on Thursday, Nov. 2.

One of the victims was taken to Integris Grove Hospital and the other flown to a Tulsa hospital.

The suspect was later flown to Hillcrest Medical Center in Tulsa.

About the incident

Paul Staten, Grand Lake Regional Airport manager said two men came running into the airport store saying to call 911 before running out the back.

Staten said airport employees confirmed the two victims were covered in blood when they came into the airport, which also houses an eatery, and is located on Monkey Island near Shangri-La Golf Club, Resort and Marina.

“I had just flown in just before it happened,” Staten said.

Staten said the suspect, who was shirtless and covered in tattoos, poured gasoline on the ground, before entering the airport and going to one of the service counters grabbing a lighter and leaving with it.

The suspect then went back outside, lit the gasoline-drenched ground, and rolled around in the fire, Staten said, adding the man's body was covered in flames.

The victims are reportedly employees with LandCare, a Tulsa lawn and landscape company.

The incident is currently under investigation.