Three women facing charges following altercation at local store.

MIAMI – An altercation between three women in the grocery aisle of a local store ended with all three facing assault and battery charges in Municipal Court.

According to a Miami Police Department incident report written by Officer Mark Hickey, at 10:03 p.m. on Oct. 26 he responded to a call regarding a fight in progress inside the Miami Walmart Supercenter located at 2415 North Main Street in Miami.

Upon arrival, Hickey located two women, Danieka Powell, 24, of Commerce and Nicole Powell, 28, of Commerce, involved in the fight on Row 5, the chip and snack aisle, in the store.

Danieka Powell told Hickey that a woman identified later as Paula Mardana Blizzard, 37, of Fairland, had called her the n-word and had punched her in the face.

When asked by police why they had begun fighting, the Powells told Hickey they had been joking around in the store with each other and Nicole said Danieka pretended she had “a gun” with her hand and stated “pow pow” to her.

Nicole Powell told Hickey that Blizzard walked up to her and stated to her did she think it's okay to say she has a gun at Walmart, and Nicole said she told the woman, “She better back the f*** up out of her face,” and told her she was talking to her sister.

Nicole Powell told police Blizzard stood around for awhile and then shoved a cart into Danieka Powell and told Hickey, “It started from there.” Nicole told police she had been scratched on her right arm.

Danieka Powell told Hickey she had been hit in the mouth and showed him her inner bottom lip where he observed a small laceration.

Hickey then spoke to Blizzard and another witness, Eddie Kaczmaroz. Blizzard told police the two women were yelling they had a gun and she went up and told them that, “It's not cool to yell out,” and both women “jumped” her and started punching and kicking her.

Blizzard told Hickey she “blacked out” when she stood up and started punching. Hickey observed swelling and bruising above Blizzard's left eye, but she declined medical treatment.

Kaczmaroz told police he saw three females confront Blizzard and continue following them as he tried to direct her away before one swung on Blizzard and the Powells assaulted her.

Two Walmart employees who observed the fight and told police they went to the aisle and witnessed the Powells start assaulting Blizzard, and the employees called for a manager and broke up the fight. Neither said they saw a cart pushed into anyone when asked by police.

The third female with the Powells was identified as Chelsie Duryea who gave the same account of the event as the Powells and added that Buzzard grabbed Danieka by the hair from behind and hit her in the mouth and the fight started from there.

All three women were charged with assault and battery in Miami's Municipal Court, and the report says both audio and visual evidence was utilized.

Melinda Stotts is the associate editor of the Miami News-Record. She can be emailed at or followed on Twitter @MelindaStotts1.