MIAMI – The annual September LEAD Agency environmental conference held this year at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College showcased the donation of 50 filtration systems from PUR along with a year's replacement filters for each to be distributed to community members. These systems will ensure families using them that water coming out of their tap is the best filtered water possible.

McKaylee Steen, the summer intern for LEAD contacted PUR for the initial donation and stayed on the project for a month.

“At PUR, we are passionate about educating local communities about water contaminants like lead, and how they can minimize the contaminants in their tap water by using proper water filters," said PUR marketing vice president Deb Mudway.

“We are proud to provide PUR faucet filtration systems to local families, so they can access cleaner drinking water directly from their taps,” said an official with Helen of Troy Home.

During the conference representatives from the Oklahoma State Health Department, Ottawa County Health Department, Grand Lake Mental Health, Miami University, LEAD Agency and three Waterkeepers from the Waterkeeper Alliance celebrated the gift with two community members receiving the PUR systems for their homes.

"LEAD Agency is extremely thankful for the generous donation and declared PUR has been named one of our organization's Water Protectors," Rebecca Jim, LEAD Agency's executive director stated. "More than that we believe PUR is a people protector!"

The remaining filters will be given to the Ottawa County Health Department and the Northeast Tribal Health Services to be given to households with a family member who is dealing with lead poisoning this year.