MIAMI - Ottawa County Sheriff Jeremy Floyd issued an update through his office Monday morning confirming that human remains found in Ottawa County in July were that of a missing Wyandotte man.

"On Friday, September 29, 2017, the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed through dental records and DNA evidence that the bones the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office located South of Wyandotte off Highway 10 does belong to missing 25-year-old Clifford Eli Moss," read the release. "At this point, the Sheriff’s Office has upgraded this case from a missing person to a Homicide."

Floyd advised there was no additional information available as the case remains open and ongoing through a joint investigation by the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office into the matter of Moss's death.

Moss was last seen June 30 around 2 p.m. walking south of the Wyandotte area of Sycamore Bridge.

The Discovery

Floyd confirmed the discovery of a human skull the morning of Friday, July 14 in the Sycamore Valley area outside of Wyandotte in Ottawa County.

The address of the location was not released due to the ongoing investigation. The property owners called authorities after a visitor found a skull and what was presumed to be a leg bone in the driveway.

“The Sheriff's Office investigators and myself arrived to find what appeared to be a human skull,” Floyd said in a July press release. “The ME's (Medical Examiners) Office was called, and they responded and recovered the skull as evidence and confirmed the skull to be human.”

The leg bone was later identified as a cow bone.

Additional searches were conducted throughout the area on July 14 and continued through the weekend and the following week with the help of cadaver dogs, ATVs, and 12 members of the Oklahoma Emergency Response Team combing the area for additional evidence.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol also assisted with flyover searches to look for additional clues and help guide on the ground searchers and investigators.

Floyd reported that was believed to be a hip bone was discovered that Sunday.

The searches the following Monday through Wednesday did not yield any further remains.

Associate Editor Melinda Stotts contributed to this report.

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