Fall is just around the corner! Learn about fall crops for your garden and come out to the Ottawa County Farmers market to start getting your first tastes of the season.

As school starts and evenings become slightly cooler, one can’t help but feel the presence of fall approaching. The Ottawa County Farmer’s Market is starting to see really nice crops for the fall season! Today, let’s look at some nice fall crops that can be planted for a fall garden.

First things first, testing your soil is extremely important. Analyzing soil for the correct Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium is extremely vital for success of the crop. You can get sample bags from the OSU extension office in town and they’ll send it to the OSU lab for a $10 fee. After your sample gets analyzed, you’ll receive a sheet that will tell you what to do to better your soil to enhance your fall crop.

Carrots are a great and easy vegetable to start by seed in August and harvest in November! They have a growing period of about 2 ½ months. If you start the seed inside in August, transplant it to the outside garden in the middle of September and watch it grow. As long as they are harvested before the first big frost, they will be great to eat. Carrots give great nutrients to the human body and are great in many different recipes to add flavor.

Cucumbers are a fasts growing crop that can be planted right by a structure that the vines can climb. They take about 60-70 days until it’s time to harvest. They need to be planted at a depth of ½ inch to ¾ inch. If planted at the first of September, be ready to enjoy them by the end of October or the first of November! This is also a prime crop to pickle and can to enjoy all year round.

Bush beans are always a favorite at the dinner table. This crop can be planted in your garden until the middle of September. Build a ½ foot hill of soil in a row in your garden. Then, plant the seeds at a 1-inch depth on the soil hill. This will help with moisture in the plant. From the day of planting it will only take about 50-60 days to harvesting. This is also another great vegetable to can if you have a pressure cooker.

Squash is also a great vegetable to start at the start of September. Using the same soil hill method as the bush beans, plant squash seeds with a 1-inch depth. Summer squash planted in September will only need 40-50 days to harvest. Winter squash will need about 100 days. Depending on when Oklahoma winter decides to show up, you might be able to do both!

We are very excited to announce that we have another community dinner this Thursday! We will be having momma’s veggie stuffed meatloaf and squash casserole. This is free to ages 1-18 and 55 and over. Ages 19-54 is only $2! Come out and do some shopping and enjoy a GREAT meal!

The Ottawa County Farmers Market is every Thursday from 4-7 p.m. at 225 B St NW (All Saints Episcopal Church) in Miami.

Alisen Anderson is Market Assistant for the Ottawa County Farmers Market and Agriculture Instructor at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College.