Insure Oklahoma keeps Oklahomans strong by helping them pay for health coverage.

With much of the country looking to see what changes may happen with the Affordable Care Act, many in Oklahoma may still benefit by looking to the Insure Oklahoma Individual Plan. This program is designed for lower income working Oklahoma residents.

Insure Oklahoma Individual Plan Qualifications:

Insure Oklahoma keeps Oklahomans strong by helping them pay for health coverage. The Individual Plan provides health coverage directly through the state.

How it works:

The Individual Plan member pays a low monthly premium to Insure Oklahoma, and a small co-pay of four dollars to see a primary care provider from the Insure Oklahoma network or to get a generic prescription.

You must meet all of the following qualifications:

• Be an Oklahoma resident.

• Be between the ages of 19 and 64.

• Not be currently enrolled in Medicaid or Medicare.

• Have a household income within the qualifying guidelines.

• Not be enrolled in any other commercial health plan.

And, you must be in one of the following groups:

• Work for an Oklahoma business with 250 or fewer employees, or are self-employed.

• Temporarily unemployed and qualify to receive unemployment benefits from the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC).

• Have a disability, work for any size employer, and have a Ticket-To-Work.

• College student between the ages of 19-22.


Individual Plan members pay low monthly premiums that are based on household size and income. Premiums are capped at four percent of your monthly household income.


Coverage is available for qualified spouses and college students of working and temporarily unemployed adults. Children must enroll in SoonerCare if they qualify. Spouses of members with disabilities must apply for membership separately due to income guidelines.

The preceding comes directly from the individual plan brochure, however, there are also maximum income guidelines and other factors that apply. For more information, check the link on our website: or call Insure Oklahoma at 888-365-3742. Income guidelines changed in May, so if your income has been too high in the past, you may want to check the new limitations.

Locally, Community Health Center of Northeast Oklahoma, Inc., continues to serve the area with the finest in personalized health care for the entire family with locations in Afton and Grove. For details or to schedule an appointment contact (918) 257-8029 or (918) 801-7504 or check us out on the web at, follow us on FaceBook and Twitter. A sliding payment scale is available for patients based on family size and income.

Lee Hilliard, D.Min., Th.D., CAC, is the Outreach and Enrollment Specialist at the Community Health Center of Northeast Oklahoma. For local enrollment assistance with Marketplace, Insure Oklahoma or SoonerCare, please contact Lee at 918-219-4486 or