The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office is seeking three suspects in relation to an armed robbery on Sunday.

OTTAWA COUNTY – The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office is seeking three suspects in a strong armed robbery that occurred around noon Sunday, July 30.

According to a social media post made by Ottawa County Sheriff Jeremy Floyd, a victim whose name has been withheld for investigative purposes was lured under false pretenses to a location southwest of Miami by a female identified as Melanie Blackburn.

Upon arrival, the victim was blocked from driving forward by a white, four-door Nissan when approached by two males with a firearm who are believed to be Jeremy Pogue and Joshua Hollon, according to Floyd.

Approximately $25,000 in cash winnings from a casino were stolen from the victim, which they had won earlier that morning.

All three suspects fled the scene and were chased for a time by the victim who gave chase in his car, striking the suspect’s vehicle several times before they got away, according to Floyd.

"After intensive investigative work from the Ottawa County Investigators, the suspect’s vehicle was located in the SE part of Miami in an enclosed garage," Floyd said in his post. "A search warrant was executed by the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office, DA’s Office, Miami Nation Tribal Police, and the Miami Police Department this afternoon on today’s date (July 31) and the suspect’s vehicle was recovered for processing."

Floyd further revealed that the recovered vehicle's interior has been stripped and damage to the rear matched that on the victim’s car.

Law enforcement is now seeking Melanie Blackburn, Jeremy Pogue, and Joshua Hollon for questioning and asking the public to assist in locating the three.

The Sheriff's Office warns the suspects are considered armed and dangerous and that civilians should not contact or approach them.

If you spot the suspects or have further information, contact local law enforcement or the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office at 918-542-2806.

Dorothy Ballard is the managing news editor for the Miami News-Record. Contact her at and follow her on Twitter @dm_ballard.