New medication packaging program now available through Osborn Drugs at no additional cost conveniently prepares prescriptions into dose specific strip-packs.

MIAMI — Probably everyone has had one of those days where they wonder, “did I take my medicine?”

Osborn Drugs in Miami is launching a program that hopefully will remedy that situation through PakMyMeds.

It was designed by Vista, California-based RxSafe.

“It’s a compliance program,” said Osborn Drugs president Bill Osborn. “It takes the medications you get from the pharmacy and puts them in a strip pack.”

Under the program, if an individual hypothetically has six prescriptions they take daily and take two of them twice a day and the others once a day, customers will get the scripts pre-packaged.

“When you get this strip, six of your morning doses will be in one pack and next to that will be your evening dose,” said Osborn, who learned about the program at one of the pharmacy meetings he regularly attends. “What it does is organizes your medications by time and dose. You don’t have to go through and put all your pills in a pill organizer because it’s already organized for you.”

Currently, there is no charge for the service.

Osborn said it’s recommended for people who have three or more prescriptions a day that they take.

“It makes you more compliant; ‘did I remember to take my medication this morning?’” he said. “You will have the pack to tell you.”

The program complements the Time My Meds program that Osborn Drugs has offered for several years.

Osborn said more than 500 customers have been taking advantage of that program.

Customers can enroll either by stopping by the store, 11 West Central in Miami, or by calling 918-542-4444.

Pharmacy staff will coordinate prescriptions with physicians and insurance companies.

“One of the problems with healthcare is people don’t take their medicine like they are supposed to,” Osborn said. “Why is this good? If you are a diabetic, you don’t end up in the emergency room with a blood sugar issue. You will have fewer side effects from the diabetes. If you have hypertension, you are going to be more likely to have your blood pressure at a regular rate than if you didn’t take your medication.”

Samples of the med packs are on display at the store, Osborn said.