The Citizen's Academy allows participating citizens to understand the difficulties and daily issues and challenges the officers face.

MIAMI - The Miami Police Department and Chief “H.T” Anderson is inviting area citizens to participate in the 5th Annual Citizen Police Academy. This free eight-week session is scheduled to begin Sept. 7 and will continue each Thursday night through Oct. 26.

The Miami Police Department initiated this program in 2011 as an outreach tool to the community. The purpose of the Citizen Police Academy is to foster a spirit of cooperation and understanding between members of the community and the police department in a friendly learning environment.

The Citizen’s Academy allows the participating citizens to understand the difficulties and daily issues and challenges the officers face.

This class has been designed to build a bond of mutual trust and respect between the police department and our citizens and to bring the police and community closer together in a setting that offers both training and understanding to each participant. Additionally, the academy highlights the importance of citizen participation in public safety by educating the public about their own awareness as concerned citizens so that we may continue to work together towards making our community the safest possible.

Those interested in exploring the inner mechanisms of the Miami Police Department will participate in many “hands on” topics such as: learning CPR, experience riding in a police cruiser and how police respond to calls and motor vehicle accidents, 911 Dispatch and one Saturday field trip is scheduled to the gun range to learn Firearms Safety with live fire.

Each week academy students will delve into a different aspect of police work. Students can participate in as much or as little as they choose, making the academy a very stress-free but fun and beneficial experience.

Program requirements: Must be 21 years of age, and be willing and able to attend all classes (to graduate you must not miss more than one class session). Classes will begin promptly at 6:30 p.m. and will usually conclude before 9:30 p.m.

All participants must submit to a criminal background check.

Class size is limited to 20 students, and there is no cost to participants. Those wishing to apply may obtain an application for the Citizens Academy at the Miami Police Department at 129 5th Avenue NW, by calling 918-541-2356, or by email at