WYANDOTTE — A three-hour cadaver dog search of the wooded and hilly terrain of Ottawa County failed to locate any human bones or remains on Tuesday morning after a human skull was found in the area.

Ottawa County Sheriff Jeremy Floyd initiated a second phase of the investigation and brought in a team to hand-search the area. The 12-person staff from the Oklahoma Emergency Response Team began a grid search by spreading out and manually searching over two acres of underbrush and trees.

A second scaled back search on Wednesday also failed to yield any remains, Floyd said.

“We are strategizing for a new game plan,” Floyd said on Wednesday.

On July 14, homeowners called authorities after finding a skull and what was presumed to be a leg bone in their driveway. The leg bone was later discovered to be an animal bone. A presumed human hip bone was discovered in the same area on Sunday by authorities, Floyd said.

The skull was intact and had pieces of tissue at the bottom where the jaw connects to the neck, he said.

“There were no signs of trauma,” Floyd said.

The medical examiner’s preliminary investigation showed the skull was most likely male, he said.

A 20-to 25-year-old man was reported missing in the area June 30 and was last seen walking south of the Wyandotte area of Sycamore Bridge. However, Floyd stated in a press release that “rumor and speculation" that the remains found belong to the missing male could not be confirmed nor repudiate by his office until the medical examiner concludes their identification process.

Floyd added in the release that his office was not assuming the remains belonged to the missing man and "his disappearance is still ongoing and being actively investigated.”