MIAMI – An appreciation dinner was held recently at the Dobson Museum for the AmeriCorps NCCC team serving the local community. The NCCC organization is comprised of 18- to 24-year-old members who travel the country for ten months performing a variety of intense, multi-week projects.

While in Miami, the team assisted with the grand opening of the Ottawa County Boys & Girls Club facility, worked on the iron fencing surrounding GAR Cemetery, and assisted with Dobson-Fullerton files for the museum, among other projects.

Pictured are (top row) Dorothy Amphlett, Ottawa County Historical Society Treasurer; Jordan Boyd, Dobson Museum Director; Larry Roberts, OCHS President; and team members Ashley Thompson, New Plymouth, ID; Vita Pierzchala, Rockville, MD; Meghan Campbell, Springfield, MA; and (front row) Hailey Shunke, Green Bay, WI; Nyrasia Lomax, Bridgeport, CT; Spencer Schryver, Lancaster, MA; Nora Snyder, Berwyn Heights, MD; Jillian Gellman, Mountain Lakes, NJ; and Ossian Pages, Needham, MA.