Non-profit Fairland Strategic Planning Foundation looks to implement long-range strategies for the town's success.

FAIRLAND – Fairland is a small town filled with residents with big ambition and desire to see their community thrive and to ensure integrity, growth, and viability of their town.

The Fairland Strategic Planning Foundation, a non-profit, has been created to implement long-range strategies to pursue issues for the town's success.

The Fairland Strategic Planning Committee was formed 11 years ago and was spearheaded by Jim Love; the leadership has now been passed on to Serena Wilson.

Wilson, who has also served on Fairland subcommittees, said she became involved in the organization as a way to be part of efforts to help and improve the community. Living in rural Fairland, she was unable to serve on the city's board of trustees by the bylaws and wanted a way to serve her community.

“I felt like there needs to be another avenue for people who are in my same position where we are are advocates for Fairland. We are Fairland residents technically, but we are not int town,” she said. “I feel like a lot of us feel like we don't have a voice.

With the addition of a non-profit foundation, the group's goal is to create a perpetuating fund to use to help implement a strategic plan for Fairland.

The non-profit status will provide an accountable fund to allow the group to apply for grants, and have a receivership for any donations or fundraising assets. The first steps are getting input from the entire community about both the negative and positive issues, challenges and dreams for the little town of around 1,000 people.

A Summer Strategic Session is planned for 6 p.m. on July 11 at the Fairland First United Methodist Church. All Fairland residents, living in or out of town, are invited and encouraged to attend the meeting.

"This is not just a brainstorm. It's a strategic session," Wilson said. “Everyone will have a voice. We're going to identify our weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Identify what areas we can work on now. Come up with small goals and larger long term goals and begin to eat away at it bit by bit.”

Wilson said she feels as if the town has the momentum and right people in place and wants to use each interested person's skills and any level of commitment to further the cause and create a thriving community

“Fairland people are amazing,” She said. “It will not only be about what can you do but what do you want to do. The only agenda we have is to make Fairland better.”

Along the lines of such projects, the town is bringing the community together for a fundraising All-Night Co-Ed Softball Tournament on July 28 at Fairland High School at 202 West Washington in Fairland.

Wilson credits Fairland Fire Chief Jeff Reynolds with organizing the event.

“He has been such an asset,” she said.

Anyone interested in participating and seeking information about either event can call Wilson at 918-961-1658 or visit the Facebook page at the Fairland Strategic Planning Foundation.