With sponsorships and community support, Troop 50 Scout Levi Smith met his goal of placing a new flag retirement box outside the American Legion building in Miami.

MIAMI – The local American Legion No. 147 is now home to a permanent drop box for worn flags that need to be properly retired, thanks to Troop 50 Scout Levi Smith.

Smith embarked on his Eagle Scout project to provide a place for community members to have American Flags properly retired by first arranging temporary drop boxes at Miami businesses in early June.

First National Bank in downtown Miami and Allen Signs both set aside space for Smith to place temporary drop off boxes for his flag collection drive until the permanent one could be purchased and set.

With sponsorships and community support, Smith met his goal unveiling the new box outside the American Legion building at 2129 Denver Harner Drive in Miami on Monday, July 3.

The flag box is now open for public use and was donated to the American Legion Post No. 147 in memory of Smith's grandfather Bob Wholf.

Sponsors for Smith's Eagle Scout project included Allen Signs; American Legion Post No. 147; John Crawford, Crawford's Auto Shine; NEO Fab; Dr. Mark Folks; Osborn Drugs; Walmart.

There are three appropriate methods recognized for the retirement of worn or damaged American flags – burning, recycling, and donation. Burning is listed as the preferred method.

Many organizations, including the American Legion host annual or semi-annual flag retirement ceremonies where flags are reverently burned.