State Election Board announces launch of a new service that will allow voters to sign up for e-mail or text alerts about upcoming elections in their county.

OKLAHOMA CITY – Participating in the voting process is getting easier for Oklahomans with the expansion of digital services provided by the Oklahoma State Election Board.

Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax announced the launch of a new service Thursday that will allow voters to sign up for e-mail or text alerts about upcoming elections in their county.

The GovDelivery service will also let voters sign up for reminders to renew their annual absentee ballot requests, receive press releases and a digest of the State Election Board's official Twitter feed, according to an agency press release.

"This is the latest online tool we’ve developed to help Oklahoma voters,” Ziriax said. “Along with the Online Voter Tool and the online absentee ballot request form, this service makes it easier than ever to make sure your vote gets cast and counted on Election Day.”

How it Works

Oklahoma voters can visit the Oklahoma State Election Board’s website at to sign up and choose to receive e-mail or text alerts. To get election reminders, they will also need to list their county of residence.

A few days before each election, an alert will be sent to subscribers in any county that is having an election. The alert will include links to the board’s upcoming elections webpage, where they can view the elections taking place in their county, and to the Online Voter Tool, which will allow the voter to see a sample ballot if they are eligible to vote in the election.

It is important to note that registered Independents (no party) voters, while allowed to vote in primary elections for the Democratic or Libertarian Parties, are unable to utilize the Online Voter Tool for partisan primary sample ballots. To obtain a sample primary ballot, registered Independents must contact their county election board office.

Local Election Board

The Ottawa County Election Board office is located at 123 E Central Ave., Suite #104 in Miami. The local board can also be reached by phone at 918-542-2893 to assist county voters.