MIAMI— Miami Little Theatre directors, Phillip Shamblin and Aaron Smith, began working on their next production, 'Weekend Comedy,' the day after 'To Kill A Mockingbird' was cleared from the Coleman stage. Now, nine weeks later, 'Weekend Comedy' is cast, rehearsed, and premiers Thursday, April 27 at 7:30 pm.

"We directed 'DeathTrap' together—a thriller—then 'The Shadow Box,' which is a drama, and 'To Kill A Mockingbird,' a literary classic," said Phillip Shamblin. "I figured, why not a comedy next?"

'Weekend Comedy' is a hilarious sitcom-style play arranged in the mid-1980s. An older couple and a younger couple mistakenly rent the same cottage for a three-day weekend. The strangers decide to share it, and a comedic clash between generations ensues. Written by Sam Bobrick, whose credits include 'Captain Kangaroo,' 'The Andy Griffith Show,' 'Bewitched' and 'Saved by the Bell.'

Aaron Smith said, "Comedy is challenging for both actors and directors—the timing requires a special verbal choreography—but we have a talented cast, more than able to accommodate this clever script. They showed up in character and were hysterical from day one. It just kept getting better. You are going to love this show."

The audience will enjoy a close, intimate experience. 'Weekend Comedy' is set forward on the Coleman stage, and much of the action takes place right at the edge—the curtain is never drawn. Laughter is a continuous theme in the production, which contains mature content. A fast-paced show that explores the age gap with comedic adventure.

"It’s a love story," said Aaron Smith. "A mean, old, nasty totally hilarious love story. Take a break from life. Give yourself a two-hour vacation. Come see this show with people you love."

The directors said 'Weekend Comedy' is ideal for older couples that want to teach their kids a lesson about strong marriages, and perfect for younger couples wanting to remind their parents how difficult it is just starting out in a relationship.

'Weekend Comedy' plays at the Coleman Theatre April 27, 28, and 29 at 7:30 PM, and Sunday the 30th at 2:30 pm.

For tickets visit or call 918-540-2425. Prices are $10 for seniors and students, $15 for adults.

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