Pilot Club of Miami donates iPod shuffles to Generations Music & Memory Program.

MIAMI - Pilot International Founders Fund awarded a matching grant to the Pilot Club of Miami, Inc. to be presented to Generations at Miami - Music & Memory Program. The grant was used to purchase iPod shuffles for the patients in Generations.

Music therapy is an individualized playlist downloaded to an iPod shuffle for patient therapy. Music therapy provides support for caregivers in the hospital and at home to improve the quality of life for the patient.

The Pilot Club of Miami, Inc. is a local service club whose focus is “brain related disorders” and providing services to help our community."

Lance Littlejohn, Activity Director at Generations accepted the iPod donation from Pilot Club members Norma Johnson, Mabel Dowler, President-Sandra Henry, Lance Littlejohn, President-Elect Janet Cavin, Tana Beard, Pat Baker, and Kathy Brown.