Name draw to break a tie between candidates Goode and Lorax for a four-year term seat on Fairland's Board of Trustees.

MIAMI – The Ottawa County Municipal Election held April 4 saw the passage of propositions from the City of Miami and North Miami and clear winners in Afton for two Board of Trustee seats and Treasurer.

Fairland, on the other hand, ended its evening with a tie for one of the four-year term seats on its Board of Trustees.

Board seats 3 and 4 were on the ballot with incumbents Lisa Jewett and Mark Goode vying for a spot along with first-time Fairland candidate Kelda Lorax.

Jewett won the majority, securing a seat with 42.86 percent or 57 votes. However, Goode and Lorax found themselves tied even after a count of provisional votes Friday, April 7, which still resulted in an even split – 28.57 percent or 38 votes each.

Tie Breaker

With a tie officially determined by the Ottawa County Election Board, the next step in determining a winner comes down to drawing lots.

Election policy in Oklahoma dictates that the winner of a municipal election in the event of a tie will be determined by lots no later than 10 business days following the election tie.

A name draw will take place April 17 at 2 p.m. at the Ottawa County Election Board in Miami to determine the winner of the remaining board seat in Fairland.

How it works

While standard election processes can be complex, breaking a tie in Oklahoma municipal elections can be as simple as drawing a name.

For Goode and Lorax, the names of both candidates will be set on matching pieces of paper, that will be folded and placed in a container to be drawn by someone with the Election Board or another selected party not affiliated with the candidates and before witnesses.

A single lot will be drawn, and the name it holds will be announced the winner.

Voter Information

For questions, contact the Ottawa County Election Board office located at 123 E Central Ave., Suite #104, Miami, OK 74354. The Board can also be reached by phone: 918-542-2893 and fax: 918-542-3005.