KAY COUNTY— Wanted suspect Wyatt Allen Ball, 21, of Fairland and Brent William Burleson, 25, of Wyandotte were taken into custody on Friday after leading law enforcement in a highway pursuit and manhunt in Kay County.

Kay County Undersheriff Sean Grigsba said the two suspects got into an altercation with a reporting party at the Osage Gas Plaza early Friday morning in Osage County.

According to the Ponca City News, the pair reportedly pulled a knife on a father and son at approximately 10 a.m. at the Osage Casino, which is located next door to the Osage Gas Plaza.

Grigsba said the reporting party followed the suspects to Kay County while calling the sheriff’s office, which led to a highway pursuit. Grigsba confirmed that the vehicle the suspects were driving, a black Ford Ranger, was stolen from Anthony, Kansas and ran out of fuel after reaching Kay County.

“When the RP (reporting party) chased them into our county, the vehicle that they were driving, the two suspects, ran out of gas on the 7000 Block of Lake Rd,” Grigsba said. “That’s when they jumped out on foot and took off running where our deputies were able to intercept Mr. Ball.”

Grigsba said officials were unable to identify Burleson until after Ball was captured. Burleson had evaded deputies on foot in a heavily wooded field in the area between Lake Rd. and Hartford and between Enterprise and Silverdale.

Grigsba said Ball did not resist arrest and complied with command. He ended up giving officials his first and middle name only. Fortunately, Grigsba had previously lived in the Ottawa County area for several years and had recognized Ball.

“He gave the name of Wyatt Allen — Allen being his last name, when it’s actually not,” Grigsba said. “It wasn’t until I knew Wyatt from living there before. I actually recognized him and called the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department and spoke to Detective Rocky Ferdig, and he was able to confirm that it was the same Wyatt who had warrants over there. From there, it went pretty smoothly as to how we figured out Mr. Burleson was the other subject.”

Ball has multiple felony warrants for his arrest out of Ottawa County and is also a “Person of Interest” in a recent residential burglary in the Fairland area.

He was arrested on four Ottawa County warrants with a total bond of $400,000. He was held at the Kay County Detention Center as of Friday afternoon.

Since Ball had complied with command, Grigsba said he would not be facing any felony charges in Kay County.

“Ball will be coming back to Ottawa County as soon as they transport him,” Grigsba said. “We were able to decline filing on him here and just let him face his Ottawa County charges without damaging him here because he cooperated.”

Burleson was still on the run from authorities. Kay County Sheriff’s Office searched the wooded area with K9-Units.

“We did a foot search and a K9 search and the area was just too thick for us to make any headway, so we discontinued the foot search and the K9 search and pulled back,” Grigsba said. “Now, they’re just doing a perimeter, waiting for him to come out of there because there’s absolutely nothing in there. He has to cross the road to get to residents or vehicles.”

According to Grigsba, Burleson was apprehended at approximately 4:10 p.m. on Friday at Camp McFadden, which is approximately a mile from the search area. Burleson is also being detained at the Kay County Detention Center as of Friday and his charges are pending.

Kay County Sheriff’s Office, Osage County Sheriff’s Office, Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers worked together on their capture.