UPDATE (Jan. 27 2:20 p.m.)- Wyatt Ball has been captured. Check Sunday's paper for full story.

FAIRLAND — The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office and the Fairland Police Department are seeking public assistance in the location of wanted suspect Wyatt Allen Ball of Fairland.

Ball, 21, is described to be approximately 6-foot 2-inches tall, weighs approximately 190 pounds and has brown hair and blue eyes.

Ball has multiple felony warrants for his arrest out of Ottawa County. He is also a “Person of Interest” in a recent residential burglary in the Fairland area.

“He has, I believe, three felony warrants and one misdameanor warrant that was issued recently by one of the judges,” said Fairland Police Chief Aaron Richardson. “One of those charges is a Fairland PD charge, which is one of mine from several years ago that has just been reissued.

“In our investigation of all of these burglaries in the area, his name came to light and we found out he had these warrants,” he added. “The Sherrif's Office is wishing to speak to him, so we thought we could generate some help from the public in finding out where he's at. He knows that we're looking for him. We've just not been able to locate him.”

If you have information on the whereabouts of Ball, call the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office at 918-542-2806 or the Fairland Police Department at 918-542-5585.

Richardson said the burglary investigation has been progressing.

“We have recovered some property and the Sheriff's Office has been recovering property,” Richardson said. “We have people who have been arrested and charged, and we have others who are people of interest.

"We're still continuing and we're going to keep continuing until all of the leads run out or we get them all solved," he added. "Right now, we're on a good, steady, even track. We're receiving information almost daily.”

Crime Stoppers

The Fairland Business Crime Stoppers Group has offered to put up reward money for information on Ball. The group is always accepting donations, which helps them post reward money.

To donate to the Crime Stoppers Group, visit the First National Bank & Trust in Fairland and donate to the "Fairland Business Crime Stoppers Reward Fund."

For more information or ways to join Crime Stoppers, the group will meet at 6 p.m. on April 18 at The Cafe in the backroom for its next public meeting.