MIAMI- A Miami man, Richard Ashley McGaha, 37, faces several charges after Miami police were called to check on a report of two possibly intoxicated people walking near downtown Miami.

According to the Miami Police Department's incident report written by Officer Jacob Hamblett, he found McGaha stumbling as he walked down the 100 block of 1st Avenue NW and asked him for his name and identification. McGaha at first told the officer his name was “Stephen Ashley Long,” and gave several other false names, birth dates and other identifying information, which did not check out. McGaha eventually gave the officer his true identity.

“McGaha told me he gave a fake name because he possibly had a warrant out of the State of Georgia,” Hamblett wrote.

The officer ran the information through dispatch and was advised that McGaha does have a full extradition warrant out of the State of Georgia.

Hamblett reports McGaha was slurring his speech and swaying while standing and at first denied drinking but later told the officer he had a couple shots. While waiting on the warrant confirmation, McGaha turned and ran westbound before Hamblett tackled him to the ground.

Officer Hamblett reports that McGaha reached his right hand under his body and would not give it to the officer. The officer used his right knee and struck McGaha in the midsection multiple times before being able to get McGaha's hand and securing him in handcuffs with the help of MPD Officer RC Gilmore.

Hamblett placed McGaha under arrest for false personation and attempted escape. A hold was also placed on McGaha at the request of the entering agency in Georgia.

McGaha was searched and officers discovered a black zipper pouch with a black spoon with white residue which field tested positive for methamphetamine, and a black bag containing two syringes, and a silver Camel Snus can that contained several pills including Clonazepam, a schedule IV narcotic.

Gilmore also located a cellophane wrapper in a hygiene bag with more pills including Clonazepam. A wallet containing several cards issued to another man and cash were also found.

McGaha was booked into the Ottawa County Jail on charges of Resisting Arrest, Drug Possession of Methamphetamine Warrant, False Personation, and Drug Possession/Drug Paraphernalia/Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance/Schedule IV Narcotics.

McGaha appeared in Ottawa County District Court on Jan. 13 and 17 and his bond was set at $10,000. He has been remanded to custody until his next court date set for announcement on Jan. 30.