Johnson, 37, was a “Person of Interest” in the recent string of residential and business burglaries in the Ottawa and Delaware County area.

MIAMI— Wanted burglary suspect William Marshall Johnson was apprehended Friday evening in Miami for outstanding felony arrest warrants in both Ottawa and Delaware Counties.

Johnson, 37, was a “Person of Interest” in the recent string of residential and business burglaries in the Ottawa and Delaware County area.

He was arrested by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol during a traffic stop at approximately 7 p.m. Friday on Hwy. 10 where he was a passenger in the vehicle.

Fairland Police Chief Aaron Richardson said the automobile was stopped after authorities obtained information that the wanted suspect might be in the vehicle.

“Two state troopers, Will Langley and Micah Stinnett, spotted the vehicle on 10 Hwy. and initiated a felony car stop there in Miami,” Richardson said. “He was taken into custody without incident.

“Those two troopers did an outstanding job taking him into custody,” he added.

Richardson said Johnson did not have any weapons on his person but believed the troopers recovered suspected narcotics.

“I don’t know if they’re going to charge him or present it to the district attorney’s office for charges,” Richardson said.

William’s wife, Amanda Johnson, was also taken into custody during the traffic stop, said Richardson.

“She was with him in the vehicle and taken into custody, I believe, for child endangerment,” Richardson said.

According to Richardson, participating law enforcement agencies had received several helpful tips and information regarding Johnson’s whereabouts since the wanted poster was displayed.

Richardson said Johnson was taken to the Ottawa County Jail in reference to his outstanding felony warrants in Delaware and Ottawa Counties. On Monday, the jail said he had a hold for Delaware County.

“He had a lot of warrants on him,” Richardson said. “I’m not sure if he will stay there until they’re done with him or if they’ll transfer him to Delaware County first.”

Law enforcement agencies are still receiving additional information on the burglaries, which remains under investigation. Crafton Pump Service was the one business in the Town of Fairland that was burglarized and authorities have retrieved a few stolen items.

“We received information on Saturday from a subject who was rabbit hunting just outside of Fairland about some items he discovered in a wooded area that he felt was suspicious,” Richardson said. “Officers inspected it, and it was found to be items that were taken in our burglary at Crafton Pump. It was a lot of paperwork that was stolen. We have received that, and we’ll be sorting through it and getting it back to Crafton Pump as soon as we can.”

Several departments have been collaborating to help with the investigation.

“We still have lots of people to talk to and there are still a few people we haven’t been able to locate that we want to talk to,” Richardson said. “Us, Ottawa and Delaware County and Highway Patrol have all been working closely together on this and we all play a role in it. We’re not letting up until we hopefully recover more items. If we can determine anyone else is responsible, we will do everything we can to make sure they’re locked up, as well.”

Richardson said the department appreciates the public’s response in regards to the burglaries and the information leading up to Johnson’s arrest.

“The wanted poster was on our Facebook page and it was shared a lot,” Richardson said. “People were calling and giving us information. We do appreciate that. It’s good when we get help from the community because it’s more eyes and more ears. We need all of the help we can get. We do appreciate the public’s response in helping us in that.”

If anyone has any information or tips on the string of burglaries, please contact the Fairland PD at 918-542-5585, the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office at 918-542-2806 or the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office at 918-253-5611.

“Even if they don’t feel like it’s important but they have something, tell us,” Richardson said. “They don’t know that it could be the piece that we’re looking for to help us find something. Feel free to call local law enforcement. We’ll evaluate every piece of information and lead that we get and determine if it’s pertinent to us.”

Kimberly W. Barker is a staff writer for the Miami News-Record. She can be emailed at Follow her on Twitter @MiamiNews_hound.